What is Compassion Run?

UNICEF reports that about one billion children live in poverty today. These kids are future teachers, artists, farmers, parents and even world leaders. But poverty is oppressive, and they will never get the chance to succeed unless we help them.

That's why Zachary James has decided to do something about it. Starting July 1st, he began running from New York City to San Francisco to raise $15,000 for Compassion International, a charity that actively fights child poverty.

About the Run
Start Date: July 1, 2014
Start Location: New York City, NY
End Location: San Francisco, CA
Distance: 750 miles completed / 3,180 miles total
Time: ~120 days * PAUSED Until 2017*
Donation Goal: $15,000

Do you want to make a difference? Think poverty sucks? Are you fond of tax deductions?
Then make a donation today!

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